Drawing Contest

Entries for Drawing Contest

1. So-Young of My Koreana Wannabe Lady

Entry by the3ple6


2. TOP of  TBYD

Entry by mike chan


3.  Eros Magdayo of She Died

Entry by blank_note


4. Cindrezelle Prinalles of Sweet Cinderella Prom Night

Entry by iSaika15


5. Seth Santiago of Her Dream Her Mission

Entry by KeanYuuki


7. Airyll Anne Gomez and Ken Richard De Guzman of Your Missing Fiance is the NERD?

Entry by LillMissBlue


8. Nikaella Shin Nograles of Loving A Dangerous Heiress

Entry by Szhan06


9. Momoxhien Clarkson of Voiceless

Entry by Ella_Kitty


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Short Story

* Kung may magpapa-cancel pa po dyan ng mga entry nila, please inform us immediately.
Mahirap po kasing mag-ayos ng mga entries plus the fact that I'm only free during
weekends. Nagbabasa na din po ako ng mga entries here kaya inform nalang kami agad
para di na namin masali pa sa mga files namin. Thanks ;p -bubblypots

GOODNEWS: Pag 100 lang shipping fee, ako na mag-shoulder pero if mag-exceed
kayo na naman. :Dv Huwag maging pilosopo >O< if ever na 101 pesos ang shipping fee.
Anyway, wala namang ganun, hehe. hahaha! ^O^

Short Story Writing Contest Entries [Title + Author + Link]

1. Another Cliché Love Story by torpedobelly


2. Mysterious Chase by AGirlWithLessHeart


3.  Once Is Enough, Twice Is Over by ChristineRawr


4.  Aja! Aja! Fighting! by Geminesibells


5.  They Have Been Taken by ChinKissob


6.  Reasons Behind Every BETRAYAL by IBelieveInFrvr


7. Criminal Heart by ExNiCrisostomoIbarra


8. Love Is When You Feel It by Eirenz


9.  Gift of A Friend by starpincher


10. Taken Away By Fate by lululove


11. Bestfriend Or Stealer? by ANerdPrincess


12. Not Until Now by Lexine Meiriona


13. Para sa mga Manloloko.. by crushyrushy


14. Azure by ssdiary


15. Part Time Boyfriend by ItsMeHariette


16. World of Chances by redmask


17. Ruined by thenameisLAV


18. Breaking Love Theories by Starine


19. Love is Unfair by Kathlovesyou16


20. The Parking Lot by miss27joe


21. League of Love by PetiteZii


22. Is It Too Late For A Hero? by primarisha


23. His Chase with Chocolate Promises by Szhan06


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Game#5- Wattpad Quotes Raffle by Admin Ctrix


The raffle will start on May 27, 2013 and it will end on June 3,2013 at 11:oo PM.

The picking of the winners will be done at June 2, 2013 at 11:00-12:00 PM.

There will be 4 lucky winners of 15 pesos Load!


1. Go to our Facebook Page and click the tab which says Giveaway.

2. Follow the requirements stated to earn an entry.

3.  You can submit entries everyday. The more entries you submit to the raffle, the more chances to win!

Game#4: 4PICS 1WORD & Games all you want game by Admin Geh

This game is strictly held on June 2,2013. Sunday. From 8 PM onwards.

As you can see, this game consists 10 questions on 4 pics 1 word, 5 questions on multiple choice, 5 on fill in the blanks, and 10 questions on identification. Overall of 3o questions.

But, in every question that you’ll respond. You must always remember to put the hash tag #WQAnniversary. I repeat, you must always put the hash tag #WQAnniversary because if you don’t, your answer will be invalid.

Easy Right? All you have to do is follow the instructions wisely.

1st place: 100 peso worth of load.
2nd and 3rd place: 50 peso worth of load.

Prizes will be sent As soon as possible.

Good Luck to all the Wattpaders that will join in my Game for our Anniversary! ^-^

Game #3: GUESS WHO’S IN THE PIC by admin J

By: Admin J

When: June 2, 2013, 5 PM until 8 PM


I will show you 30 blurred pictures of story covers, author’s thumbnails and characters. I will give clues regarding the picture for you to guess each of those pictures.



  1. Retweet the question.
  2. Every player must hashtag #Happy1stAnniversaryWattpadQuotes upon answering the question.
  3. You should guess what the picture is with the help of the clues given.

Ex. #Happy1stAnniversaryWattpadQuotes Wattpad Quotes

How to Win:

  1. First to guess what the picture is with all the requirements earns a corresponding point depending on how many points I stated.
  2. Every correct answer also wins a Shoutout.
  3. Top 5 scorers win a prize.



1st Place: 50 php Load

2nd Place: 30 php Load

3rd Place: 20 php Load

4th Place: 15 php Load

5th Place: 10 php Load


**We’ll have a tie breaker question for those who tied their scores. So for those who will join this game, make sure to take note of your scores. Goodluck participants!

Game #2: Name Game (Wattpad Version) by Admin Ctrix


This game will be held on June 2,2013 (Sunday) at 10 AM to 2 PM =)

The questions that will be given in the games will come from Wattpad stories. They will be details from the stories including the names of the characters, authors, titles, book covers, events etc. The type of questions will be “Who Said This Line?”, “Guess The Cover Photo”, “Guess The Author”, “Identification” and”Jumbled Letters”. So basically everything’s from WATTPAD!

All you have to do is to name the thing that is being asked for in each question that will be said.

For each question that will be given, you need to RETWEET it first and answer the question together with the hashtag #Happy1stAnniversaryWattpadQuotes.

This game will have 2 rounds. For each round there’ll be around 20-25 questions. Also, there’ll be 2 winners for each round.

If you have already won during the first round, you are no longer allowed to join the second round.

The winners of the game will be the ones who’ll be able to get the correct answer in accordance to the rules first.

The prizes will be given/sent on June 3,2013.


For the First Winner: 50 pesos Load

For the Second Winner: 25 pesos Load

* Hope you guys join this game. This will actually be very easy for you if you have already read lots of wattpad stories.

Goodluck to all =)

Game #1: “Who’s Author is this and Anyhow?” by Admin Poleng

Game #1: “Who’s Author is This and Anyhow?”   by Admin Poleng.


In this game, I’ll give information/facts about your favorite wattpad authors and you need to guess who I’m talking about.

Everyone is free to join.


I require your answer to be like this:

e.g Aril Daine #Happy1stAnniversaryWattpadQuotes



Winner: PHP 100 load

1st Place: PHP 30 load

2nd Place: PHP 20 load


This game is organized by Admin Poleng (@polengpotsxD) and will conduct on June 2, 2013 at 3pm.